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Short answer: no. Agreements reached in mediation are not legally binding. They rely on you both holding up your end of the agreement. You can make mediated agreements legally binding by completing a Consent Orders application form and lodging with the court. It costs about $165. You could do the application yourself, but it’s fairly...
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Click on the link below for a few questions to test your knowledge about mediation.
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I was surprised and of course pleased to read that Northern Rivers Police report a 21% decrease in reported domestic violence assaults in year to March 2020 compared with the previous year. The statewide figures show a 4.1% increase during the same period. “The days of closing your door and not getting involved are gone,”...
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One of the reasons you might need to have a mediator present when you discuss finances and parenting after separation is because there is domestic violence (DV). Feeling forced to behave in certain ways or feeling like you have no option but to do as the other parent says are indications that you could be...
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COVID-19 resources from other organisations In times like these, it helps to share resources. These links are from a wide range of organisations with tips for parents, children and practitioners. 1800RESPECT: self isolation and COVID-19Australian Institute of Family Studies: resources for familiesAmerican Professional Society on the Abuse of Children: resources for parents, children and professionalsARACY:...
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Here’s some advice from the Institute for Child Protection Studies for parents.
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Argyll will continue mediation services by phone and video calls. Phone Tess on 0448 837372
Continue Reading The Family court urges co-parents to act in the best interests of the children during the pandemic.
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