Child Support and Mediation

Tess from Argyll has experience working for Child Support and can assist with CS issues in mediation.

How does Child Support work when a child moves between parents’ homes?

The Guide to Social Security Law (‘the Guide’) provides guidance on how to determine percentage of care.

The Guide sets out the following considerations to determine the extent to which a person is caring for a child:

  • To what extent the person has control of the child, including having overall responsibility for the child and making major decisions relating to who the child spends time with and the child’s health, education, discipline, recreational and/or social activities, and  arrangements for others to meet the needs of the child.
  • To what extent the person meets the needs of the child by providing the child with accommodation, clothing, food, child care, education, health care, emotional support, supervision, transport and extra-curricular activities.  
  • To what extent the person pays for the costs of meeting the needs of the child.  
  • To what extent the person otherwise provides financial support for the child. To what extent the child provides for his or her own needs or has those needs met from another source.
  • To what extent the child is financially independent or financially supported from another source.
  • Percentage of care is also considered with respect to who has responsibility for making arrangements for, and decisions about, the child’s welfare, as well as who is meeting the child’s costs, rather than just the accommodation arrangements themselves.

The evidence for this comes from the parents themselves and the Child Support staff ask each parent. Children are not involved in this discussion. 

What this means for you: get a clear parenting agreement that both of you will comply with so expectations are clear and disputes avoided. 

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