Family violence = no contact?

  1. Here’s a summary of a recent case in the Family Court:
  2. The child lives with the mother, and, up until the hearing, spent supervised time with the father. 
  3. The father sought an order for unsupervised time. 
  4. The father had spent approximately 21 hours of supervised time with the child without any major difficulties.  The Family Report Writer recommended that it would be appropriate to move to unsupervised time and an increase in unsupervised time.
  5. The father’s application for unsupervised time was opposed by the mother because of the father’s history of family violence, and the risk of the child being neglected in the father’s care due to the father having a history of dependency on drugs and alcohol, especially in stressful situations.  Also, the limited experience the father has had in caring for the child by himself.
  6. The judge accepted the mother’s submission that there were real risks that needed to be taken into account in deciding whether or not unsupervised time for the child with the father would be in the child’s best interests.  
  7. The judge balanced the risk factors identified by the mother, with the benefits to the child with spending time with the father unsupervised. 
  8. His Honour came to the view that the risk factors could be managed and that there was an undoubted benefit for the child to spend unsupervised time with her father.
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