Financial Planners and Mediation

Lawyers Weekly writer Jerome Doraisamy discussed with Claire McGregor on 13 October 2019 about the benefits of consulting a Financial Planner when dividing assets post separation.

“Family law disputes are, she said, about more than simply dividing assets.

“You need a financial planner who asks the right questions, knows how to listen, and can help clients make sense of their situation,” she posited.

“A skilled financial planner who gets involved before negotiations are underway can help reduce the stress and anxiety your client is experiencing during their separation. This can increase your client’s confidence in the decisions they are making about what they need now and into the future.”

“When asked if working collaboratively with a financial planner, and being able to refer work onto those professionals, would help alleviate some professional pressures on family lawyers that they may not be qualified to assist with, Ms McGregor said that when engaging in a collaborative partnership, there are two things that stand out: trust and teamwork.

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  • Yes, Argyll can mediate financial and property settlements post separation.
  • Argyll refers to financial planners at a location convenient to you. Call us and find out more. M: 0448 837372
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