Hi, I’m Tess, the owner of Argyll FDRP, and here’s my story.

My path to becoming a mediator begins about a quarter of a century ago when I separated from my husband with whom I share two children.

These were the days before the internet and so it was hard to find information. I learned all I could and became so interested that I completed a law degree. A little over-the-top? Maybe! I was already a registered nurse and completed my master’s degree in nursing while I was studying my law degree (and looking after my children and working full-time).

All the time while I was studying law, I kept wondering ‘what happened to the people involved in the case?’ I wasn’t satisfied with the judgement in the case – I wanted to know how it affected the people. That’s the nurse in me.

When I learned about Family Dispute Resolution, I knew it was a great way to combine my nursing skills of dealing with people experiencing distress in a complicated system, my experience in the family law system, and my knowledge of law.

I knew I could work within this complex system and reduce the stress, make it simple, and make it fast. I knew that I had the capability to flex to the needs of my clients while ‘colouring within the lines’. (There’s a lotta law and regulation out there).

When I think back to separation and parenting, all I can see is this big, ugly knot: a tangle of stress, confusion and no way of knowing which bit of string to follow. That’s how I came up with “untangling with swift, affordable, custom mediation”.

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Let me help you untangle the knot in the way of getting on with parenting. My focus is on guiding you through this stressful time towards being the best parents you can be.

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