Pauline Hanson – is she suitable for a Family Law inquiry?

Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson has been appointed to chair an inquiry into Family Law. Yes, ANOTHER one! Some commentators have said that having another inquiry is just a stalling tactic since we already have the Australian Law Review Commission (ALRC) Family Law System Review – Final Report which made 60 recommendations for reform.

Other commentators lament Senator Hanson’s appointment, saying her previous comments about her personal experience and comments about participants in the system have been inflammatory and make her unsuitable to head the inquiry.

I think Pauline is an inspired choice. Firstly, because she’s a walking headline and able to get the media and public attention that the ALRC can’t.

Secondly, even though she’s the chair, it’s not inconceivable that she’ll be influenced by other committee members whose opinions, knowledge and attitude may rub off onto her. What if her opinions changed – just ever so slightly? Maybe we could have a champion for family law reform, more effective than any government agency.

Thirdly, she’s been through the family law system. Until you’ve experienced the system, you cannot truly understand the dread and stress that drives some parents to murder and suicide – literally.

I don’t agree with much of what she says, I’m not a fan of hers, and I don’t live in Queensland, but I reckon she’s a family law champion in the making.

What do you think?

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