Violence, drugs and contact

In a recent Family Law case, a mother was permitted to relocate from Sydney to Perth with the child. The father opposed the relocation on the basis that it will adversely impact his meaningful relationship with the child – the Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL) does not support the relocation – the child has a close relationship with the paternal family.

He appealed and was not successful (and was ordered to pay over $16,000 in costs).

He has other children to other mothers and there were allegations of domestic violence and meth use by him.

The judge said “the mother is found to be the parent with whom the child has the strongest and most reliant, confiding and emotionally attuned relationship”

It’s a long way from Sydney to Perth …

If life is stressful and drugs seem to be a good choice at the time – think again: what is best for your children?

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