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In a troubling case, a mother had made allegations of possible sexual abuse of the child by the father. She had made numerous complaints in the last six months to Police and the Department of Family and Community Services alleging sexual abuse by the father on the child. The child has been extensively questioned and interviewed without substantiation and maintains a strong relationship with his father. He has lived with his mother since the parties separated.

The mother was ordered by the court to be restrained from interviewing and questioning the child or permitting third parties to do so about allegations of sexual abuse of him, and she was restrained from unilaterally taking the child to see a psychologist. The court also ordered the appointment of an Independent Children’s Lawyer for an upcoming case about where the child should live – the father was applying for the child to live with him.

What this means for you: if you’ve made repeated allegations of abuse and they have been repeatedly found to be unsubstantiated by Police and experts, maybe it’s time to stop questioning the child about abuse and leave it to the professionals.

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